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About Us

Birlik Apart & Hotel, based on all corners of the world to İstanbul, this legendary city aesthetics, culture and history of the friendly and quality service understanding everyone I can think of to meet the guests. established in 1997, the Birlik Apart & Hotel located in İstanbul's Fidelity 17 years experience offers its guests an unforgettable holiday experience. In the international arena, following the latest developments in the accommodation sector and implements the Birlik Apart & Hotel, Seer, creative, innovative, solutions and customer-oriented service with tourism and accommodation sector, aims to become a brand. Deeply rooted in everyday life to witness the historical tissue and wanting to get rid of routine and close to İstanbul's most attractive in a quiet neighborhood, both to be guests who prefer to relax its advantageous deals with the most beautiful side of unity Apart & Hotel, vacation guarantees to be one. In the field of the Birlik Apart & Hotel with competent and helpful staff for the duration of your holiday you can think of, you can find answers to all the questions that plugs in to your expectations and wishes are at the top level, you can be sure to find the place. A comfortable accommodation the Birlik Apart & Hotel, as well as to guarantee a secure environment, too. Has all of the facilities that we offer a seamless and secure way you can benefit from the peace of mind of your requests, you can declare to our employees. ISO 9001 standards unity Apart & Hotel adopts and implements fully the requirements of the standard. Room service, İnternet connection, secure accommodation, food, beauty & care of your needs in many areas until the guests dry cleaning according to the needs of development in the ultimate attention and Birlik Apart & Hotel, built as an expression of quality corporate identity into which you might want to stop by again in İstanbul will be one.